Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time is the essence.

It's been long since we update,
Because its been long since we went out somewhere faraway.
Furthermore, either of us has been busy.
Time has been killing us with their fast ticking action.
I wish to get us back on track.
I hope we got that chance. :)
Have a great holiday dear.
I miss you more than you do.
I love you more than any guys out there. (Except your dad & brother)

-Boyfriend, Rahman.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



The times we spent together, can
never be replaced. I had fun. ^.^

-Khiriah, your cute gf. :P

Our 6th.

Actually its our 3rd month today.
But rather we count the months that we broke up.
So its;

Happy 6th monthsary dear!

I hope you had a great day today.
Although it is nothing much. Just a small celebration for our day.
But all that matters is the time spend w you worth while. :)

Actually, we planned to go to cathay and have our movie.
But we're late. -.-
Alright, so we decide to go for GV vivo.
Bought two tix for RED RIDING HOOD. :)
Then off to eat at banquet before the show.
After all that happenings at vivocity.
We decided to take a stroll to Henderson Waves.
Hard time for my baby. But oh well, she's awesome.
She get thru it well with her tall tall heels. :D
Chilling reeling there. Camwhoring to the coring.
Then head home at 8.30pm.
Bought some food at pasarmalam jurong point.
Thats all.
All that matters is we have splendid time with each other although our plans ain't that happening. True?
Upload the pics will ya?  thanks. heh.

-Rahman, Boify

Monday, March 14, 2011

11 hours together!

Yes, my baby and I spent 11 hours
together over at Jurong.
We met at 8plus am, and chill
and chill and chill. Then at 3plus pm,
met Yasniza to pass her some DVD.
Had lunch together at KFC with Yas.
Soon, off-ed to BBDC to get some things
done for my brother-in-law. And boyfriend
sent me home. Yay!

-Khiriah. Girlfriend.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snooker day!

First, we decided to take a stroll at Chinese
Garden. Then we received some calls.
At 5pm, meet some rascals.
We played snookers with Mus, Ju, Riduan.
Yes, it was OUR(boyfriend and i) first time
of playing snookers. We were so used to pool
till get stressed playing snookers as the balls are
smaller and the holes are smaller and narrower
too. hahahaha. After snookers, boyfriend
accompanied me to meet my poly friends
to sign some forms and off we go home!
oh yes, i had my burger Ramly. hehehehe.

-Khiriah. Girlfriend.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


At first. Sis, bro-in-law and I were
going to take CD 'Khurafat' from Yasniza
at 23:30pm. Called boyfriend, knowing that
he's at TB, asked him to follow. In the end,
my sister trusted him and ask him to follow
me and they off to Pioneer Mall to get some
munching stuffs. hehehe.
Sis approved us ! ^.^

-Khiriah. Girlfriend.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Just a short meet up. He sent me to
meet my primary school mates
over at Jurong East Mrt station.
Thats all folks ! :)

-Khiriah, Gf. <3

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something new.

And again. A short meet up. :)

My pay day, and dearest wish to accompany me to get my pay.
I'm sure dearest girlfriend got something new on her,
specially from me. ^^
oh tk eh? hah!
Anyway, hope you love it. :>
And, back to the topic.
We went to clarke quay for my pay, to far east plaza for her stuffs.
Off to home. ;)
That's why i miss her, because at the end of our story there's always about going home.

-Rahman, your love.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

After so long.

Its been long since we went out.
And we just did after so long. :)
Sentence seems contradicting or i can say similar. hah!
Anyway, I fetch her under her void deck at around 12.30pm.
But she came down at 1pm due to some reason. :D
But anyway, we went for our movies at cathay dhoby ghaut. My treat. :D
It was entitled, "i am number four." Cool movie thou. heh!
And we also had our dinner at Mac'd plaza singapura.
Had some little issues. well, aint gonna talk about it.
So off to vivo to chill out, have some talk about some issues.
But afterall, i wish to let you know how much i love you.
Can i? Please. ;)

We took bus 30 home, reach home at about 10plus. :)

- Rahman, your love.(Post)
-Khiriah, your love.(Picture)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Been away for exams.

Its been some time since either me or him
updated this blog. Well yea. As usual,
we have never stop meeting up, study together,
eat at Jurong Point. Our normal routine.
The reason why both of us has not
been updating is because for the past
few weeks, we've been totally busy
preparing for our Final year exams
for Year 1. :)
My exams are over, but his have
not yet started. Starting tmr.

We'll be back for more activites after
the exams. So long people ! :)

-Khiriah, your gf.