Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 consecutive days of meeting up.

Two consecutive days, we meet up
before he went to work. I just sent him to
Boon Lay mrt station. hehehe.
Two consecutive days meh ? I thought
we always meet w/o fail. oh tak eh ? :D

Alright, nothing much anw.
Just meet up, spend time at JP,
then off he went to work.

All i got to say is,

and yes, we got to endure
till both our exams finishes,
then we can always go out.
yipeee !

-Khiriah, yours

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Short and sweet.

Exact 40mins long, i saw you. :)

Dearest thought of meeting me at 5pm before she go for her class at 6pm.
But she can't really make it at 5pm, but she meet me at 5.25pm.
I was there waiting, its not wrong to be early after all. :)
So we off to jp because girlfy decided to buy some donuts.
Then off to the MRT, and i decided to sent her till dover.
Just to make us see each other much longer. heh.
Reached there around 6:05pm.
And i'm off back home.
Short and sweetszsz. :D

Wo ai ni. haha!

-Rahman, boyfriend. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our 2nd monthsary

My dearest boyfriend has been updating all
those recent posts. Like where we went to.
Universal Studio, for example. I had an awesome
time. True true true ! Its like a dream come
true. Going USS with boyfriend & bestfriends.
Thanks to them for making one of my wishlists
come true. hehehe. And yes dear, i remember
about the picture we hold hand during the
Jurassic Park ride. USS caught it on camera !
Wimpy wimpy wimpy ! And yes, saw some
of your fears but im glad you've get over it. :)



Khiriah's message :
"Sayang, Happy 2nd monthsary. For all the
obstacles that we managed to go through. For
all the challenges we went through together,
it never fails to make me fall in love w you
more and more. Dearest, i want you to know
this, i love you, i dont want to lose you, not
to other girls even. I sayang you. I cinte you.
Thank you for being patience with all my
hot-tempered and pampered attitude. I just
hope, we'll be stronger in days to come.
Sayang, happy 2nd monthsary again.
I love you. Muahhh !

Rahman's message :
Happy 2nd monthsary to you too dear!
Thankyou for giving me the chance to shower
you all the love i've got and enter your life as
someone special eventhough you're fear of
guys cheating on you. I wont want to hurt you
in any little ways at all by. Sorry if i did hurt
you all these while. I'm giving my best and show
you what i got for you. Cause you're my all.
Just dont change ok dear? The way you treat
me and all. Please?
I CINTA YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Happy 2nd monthsary to you again,
sweetheart. :)

So yes, that's both our messages
copied directly from handphone. hehehe.
My boyfriend very cuteszxs one. hehehe.

-Khiriah, your girlfriend.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Your boyfriend so early for the first time.

Girlfriend decided to go for a study session at the library after her exams.
And i agreed on accompanying her. :)
But the plans got cancelled when she can't make it early before the library's closing time.
And gladly/surprisely i was so damn early. hehe.
Am i sick? or what? :D
Anyway, she reached jp at around 8pm while i reached around 6.45pm.
Surprisingly isn't it? hah!
So we just have our dinner at BK and then chill out.
Then off home sweet home. :)

P.s; Sometimes i don't want to let you go when you need to go home.


-Rahman, boyfriend.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentino sicko.

Valentine's day? Nah, we aren't celebrating it right dear? :)
Because everyday is valentine day for us. :D

Met girlfy at jp after she paid her school fees, and after my school.
Like usually, girlfriend decided to have lunch. :)
We have a chat for awhile during our meals, and off we go home.
After buying mumy her food, i mean girlfriend's mumy. Opps. :S


Aku cinta kamu. :)

-Rahman,  boyfriend.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A dream come true.

Universal Studio Singapore with dearest girlfriend and ex-schoomates. :)
Well, what i remembered that day was we had fun.
Superbly-funtastic! :D
Girlfriend was really there witnessing my real fear. :O
But i get over my fear, thanks to you baby! :)
We went there from about 12.00pm till 8.00pm.
Just because its worth $72 per ticket. \m/
One thing for sure that was cute when a picture was taken during our Jurassic Park ride and we were holding hands. ^^
I think girlfriend gets what i mean. hehehe.
We took cab home because dearest was late for home.
Reach jurong aroun 11.05pm.
Glad you're not being scolded. :)

And one thing i remembered was, you said,
"I feel like its in heaven because i went to USS with my boyfriend and my bestfriends. Its like a dream come true!"
How adorable can you be? hahaha!

That's about it, love you and thats the bottomline. :)

-Rahman, boyfriend.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nerds made her a happy kid.

I fetched my sweetheart from dover just now. :D
It was like my 3rd or 4th times doing so. heh!
I guess she likes it. :)
I bought her one of her favourites sweets. (Nerds)
In a form of apology for what i've did earlier this afternoon.
Sorry girlfy. :(
Then we off to jp to walk around while girlfriend wanted to buy foods, not food.
But food(s), hehehehehe!
Was joking dear. She bought for herself a chicken wing and an oreo typhoon donut. :)
Cute ain't she? Eating Eating Eating. ^.^
And so we chilling-chilling apple near her house area for awhile.
Till clock strikes 10pm, off sent her home. :)

"Basically, right now she's all asleep which is already 2.00am in the morning.
But she doesn't know i'm updating this post. sorry baby!"
I'm offing already.

-Rahman, boify.

Its been a long time since i update.
And boyfriend was the one doing
most updates these days. Im really sorry
to trouble you, dear. Currently, im damn
busy with school. End of year exams are
coming. I have a lot to catch up. I wish
i could really update as much as you
have updated. :( im really sorry. Dont think
that i dont care to update okay. Eventhough,
i care much about our blog, i care about you
more. Currently, here i am. Blogging in sch.
Since i have extra time. Class ended early for
now. And yes.

Yesterday, my dearest boyfriend, accompanied
me to library too ! :) Eventhough he didnt
focus on his studies, he wonder around
like an aimless soul, at least he's there to
accompany me. He took 1001 natural
wonders book and showed me alot of nice
pictures that made us wanting to go to
that place. hehehe. Boyfriend and I have the
same interest. We like mystery, we love nature.
Eventhough most things, we are opposite,
but theres still some

Boyfriend wasnt in good state of mind.
Called him, tried to make him feel better.
But still, i guess he need time to be alone.

just so you know. im always here.
please stays strong. 
iloveyou so much honey.

-Khiriah, your gf.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Studious couple.

Two consecutive study session with girlfriend. :)
On monday and tuesday.
Actually i wasn't in the mood of studying.
Maybe not time yet?
But i intend to accompany my dearest girlfriend because she needs to study really badly. :)
For both days, she studied 80% focused. I assume.
Me, 20% focused. hehe.
Anyway, spending time while studying is something new.
I guess thats a good way to spend our time wisely when its near to exams. O.o
So ya, for both days we came home at around 8-9pm.

-Rahman, boyfriend.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

One sunday afternoon.

A day where family bond together.

But a day where i met up with girlfriend after she got home from her CNY class outing. :)
There's always something that would make us meet. i love it. heh!
Accompanied her to eat at kfc.
Chill-chill apple at jp area.
Then off home. :)
done. <3

-Rahman, boyfriend.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Replace the missing by meeting.

Missin' someone so much result in a day to just be free and spend sometime with them. :)

Out to clarke quay in search of sticky the candy! :)
Requested from her sister.
The shop was on a CNY holiday. wrecked shop. grr
Then off to vivo for her favourite kway teow. :)
For her, everythings is ok. hehe.
Had our dinner there at banquet.
Then had a short window shopping and off to the rooftop.
Had a little chat session and laughters as usual. heee.
Took 30 to boon lay interchange.
My arms was around you/hugging you all the time in the bus right? :)
You sure is warmed up. :D
And reach jurong around 9.30pm.
Walked home.


-Rahman, boyfriend.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Little moments.

Little moments make thousand wonders go away. :)
School, Prayers, Vitrun's lunch treat, meeting girlfriend and work.
So little time but a lot to be done, but its done isn't it dear? :)
Met girlfriend right after the treat vitrun gave me and the others.
It was already 4pm back then.
We met for 1 hour and 30 mins. It ain't enough at all right?
I feel you.
But at least, better than nothing. hehe.
Then off back home and off to work.
Girlfriend thought of studying while i'm away, but that didn't happen did it? :D
Just joking. hehe.

-Rahman, boyfriend.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

She loves helping me with such things.

I don't know exactly what happened today.
But i remembered, girlfriend put that white thingy on my nose.
As you can see it through the pictures. oh god.
That's my first thing peeling off black heads off my nose. ^^
Thank you dear!
It was something different, and its result really makes me go.. "Hee"
I like it.
Then sent girlfriend off to meet shiqah and eka. Then i go off with rascals. :)
Thats it.