Thursday, December 30, 2010

Enjoy your 17th darling.


Cute isn't she?! Ahh! :D

29 dec end so fast,
But at least i met my girlfriend at last!
We cant put aside the meet up to rest,
Or even make up for us any other test.
Its her birthday either yesterday,
And i plan to have it our own way.
Its just me and her,
And as she opens up her present she broke down in tears.
I hope she's really happy with it,
Cause all of it comes from my heart indeed. :D
Just a little surprise for her,
There goes some sobbing i hear. :)
You're cute sweetheart. :)
I hope you enjoyed your 17th birthday yesterday. :>
-I met girlfriend at her block, surprised her with the presents. :)
-Hugged her so tightly upon seeing her!
-Kissed her too!
-Off to cityhall, a surprise lunch place for her.
-Swenson's. :D
-Waterfront for awhile.
-Movie at GV. (Tron Legacy)
-Had dinner at MacD. :)
-Home time. :)

You know how much i miss you dear, felt like crying while hugging.
Seems that its unbelievable you're really there hugging me after so long.
Although 5 days maybe is short for you, but to me no! :(
I still miss you, it never did stop dear. :D
I love you so so so so sorry! oh salah lagu? haha.
I love you so much! <3
Takecare , love. :)

p.s; You're leaving too, you turn. :(


Thursday, December 23, 2010

We meet up early in the morning.
Boyfriend woke me up at 9, and expect me to
get down by 9.30am. Sadly, i sleep back and
keep on snoozing the alarm clock till i off-ed it.
And guess what, i woke up at 10am. Came down
at 10.30am, and boyfriend is already waiting
since 9.30am. Ahhh ! Sorry dear !!

Went to eat breakfast at McD gekpoh. :)
Then chills out till 3plus pm. We spend
great time together. Cause he'll be leaving for
Langkawi at 5plus. For 5days. But its okay. Hope
he have a safe journey. :)

Ah yes, i really miss him. Sigh.
Im still wide awake.
Holding on to his jacket. :(
B, come home fast okay.
I love you. I miss you. :( Even gazillion words
cant describe how much im missing you right
now. But i got a feeling, that you're safe. Amin.

Either me or boyfriend will be updating this
blog again when we meet each other. As this
blog is for our updates on our meetups and
outings. :)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Posted below, by my boyfriend.
See how sweet he is. Hehehe.

Short post about what we did yesterday,
then i would post about my feelings okay ? :)

Yesterday.. Went to catch this movie.
Rapunzal : A Tangled Tale. Didnt able
to really hug boyfriend that much, cause
i dont want to make Shiqa felt left out. :)
Shiqa was there because she also wants
to see the movie. Great time spend. Nazif
came along and we spend our time with
Shiqah and Nazif at VivoCity. I was abit
moody, im sorry dear. :(

You know what my dear Rahman.
Im missing you too. Like a nemo's father
missing nemo. Huh ?
 hahahahah ! okayokay, serious. :P
I need you right now, like a child needs her
mum. Sigh. Tomorrow, you'll be leaving for
Langkawi. Seriously, im trying to imagine my
5days without you by my side. Im trying to think
what should i do. All im thinking is just, studying.
Dear, i miss your hug, kisses and everything.
Most of all, i miss your smile.
Your voice, everything dear.
Everything. :) I wouldnt want you to forget me.
Cause i will never forget you here, in Singapore.
I want you to come home fast.. I wouldnt want
to get separated from you at all. Boohoo.
But its okay dear. :) We'll get through this together.
We will survive ! :D  

Dear, im sorry if im not as sweet as you.
Im just writing according to what's on my mind.
Im so missing you. :(


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Misses much.

You're always bitting your nails just now. :)

Days coming near,
Missing each other is what we fear.
We don't wanna thought of it,
But talking about it was already in our scripts.
I just wish we're so near right now,
But rather i'm left with hearing your sweet voice sounds.
Sorry if i didn't update about we went out,
While i just want to say out my feelings out loud.
Although i would try hard to remember the things to bring for the trip,
But i won't even try to remember to forget about you. :)
I need those touch which cause me to feel the adrenaline rush.\
I need those kiss which would cure me from being pissed.
I need those eyes which.... i wld gaze and you go.. "ahhhhh, jgn stare gtk.." :D
I really need time in my hand,
But nvm we'll do what we can.
Nearly a day left till departure,
This doesn't seems so beautiful like nature.
Sorry again if this post ain't necessary here,
But i need to write this.
Takecare love.
Love you love.
Love, You're being loved. :)


Monday, December 20, 2010

Our pictures for the day. I love him. As posted below
by boyfriend. What we did. :) Just chilling out, under
the void deck. :) 

-Khiriah. :)

A wish come true.

Today is the day our wish came true,
Because we both bought our X-5 in blue.
I love it, she love it, we love it!
She bought her phone yesterday,
While i did it just now. :)
We met at jp around 1700 hours, she was with daya.
Ahhhh! i miss her. oh tkle express kt sini eh? haha!
We accompanied daya to eat, then off to westpark area.
Hang out.
The only thing that's important is, she's right there beside me all the time. :D
Chat chit chat till 2200 hours.
Sent her back home safely as usually. ;)
That's our story for today.
Bye, Love.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

First day of release.

Obviously a Sunday.
We aren't meeting,
Causing my dearest khiriah kairudin got something.
I know we're not suppose to meet always,
While we have met up for these past few days.
I'm here just done our blog editing,
I hope it looks amazing. (:
Our blog has met its first day of release,
And i really need your comment please. :D