Monday, January 31, 2011

Meeting without missing a chance.

Four consecutive days we really meet. :D
Till today. O.o
We never give a chance for us to miss each other, didn't we? :D
But i admit, right when you're aren't at my sight i miss you already.
I fetch her from jp after school around 3 plus. :)
We ate at banquet. We always eat dear. heh!
Then chill out outside jp for awhile, then off home.
Short but, awesome. hehe!

-Rahman, ily.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Movie meeting.

Sunday it is, We still see each other faces. :)
We're cute. hah!
A short journey to jp just to accompany girfly buying her dad's item.
Then we watched resident evil III at coffee bean. :D
Then got home asap. :)
Sorry dear if i can't hug you that much during the "movie".
The chair, very irritating. -.-
Anyway, you know i know you know i love you. :)

-Rahman, love.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picture in the wallet.

Saturday evening we met again!
We waited till the rain stops,
so evening come along.
Met up with girlfy beside boon lay sec.
As usual, she was playing with her arrow-arrow moving-moving game in her ipod. Hah!
Anyway, we went to jp just to print out our pictures, have our dinner and check out some things. :D
Off home sweet home. :)

Little time spent with you is worth big. :)
Loving you. -Boyfriend

-Rahman, Yours.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Boyfriend sent me to school today ! :D
I skipped morning lecture. Then meet him at JP.
Had our lunch at Sakura. Then he sent me to school
for my pathetic lesson from 3-5pm. After school,
home sweet home. <3


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Its thursday. Boyfriend fetched me
from school at 9pm. Took 185, stopped
at Gek Poh area. Headed home sweet home.

Boyfriend, no man ever fetched me from School
or anywhere just to bring me home straight.
Thank you, honey. I love you. <3

-Khiriah, yours

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spendful of hours.

I decided to pass the project i've done to my classmates since i'm not so well to go to class.
So girlfy decided to accompany me there.
Upon reaching, waited for fahmy,rizwan,shafiq (my classmates) to end their classes.
I brought girlfy for a tour around my school. :D
A different sight, she said. hah!
Well, then off to the school's cafe and ate, along with my classmates.
At 2pm, we decided to meet up with ashikin.
We ate again at MacD jp.
Then chill out till 7pm.
Then off to sent ashikin halfway thru her home,
then off sending girlfy home. :)
Done. <3

Quite a long hours we've spent time with.
Every moment i'm with you, is a moment i want to cherish. :)
Meet you again soon, very soon if god wills. :)

-Rahman, Yours. Truly yours.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little time.

Missin' you is a threat,
Meeting you for awhile is the best thing i could get.
Just a day without you in sight,
Is like a minute a city is without light.
When i start with "Hey!",
It will go by with "Babay!"

True isn't it, Just a day,
But we felt so far away.
That's when we need some time,
Any little time we could find,
Or maybe a button to rewind.

Met you at 5.20pm at jp.
We planned to eat at macdonalds,
But i insist on banquet in the end.
Since you prefer banquet too. :)
Whatever it is, food is food. :)
We had some staring moments, like we've never seen each other for long.
Cute thou. hah!
Then we chill-ed at Central Park. :)
Then it started to drizzle,
So off home. ;)

Hard to let go each other,
Time is always not enough for us. hee.
I miss you.
I love you.

-Rahman, Yours.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebrating Friends' Birthday.

We went out to celebrate Musya's,
Ca's and Daniel's birthday ! :D

We were late till we went out at around 5pm.
Because boyfriend woke up damn late !
And meet the rest at Marina Square. 
Rascals and some others were there to celebrate
our fellow friends' birthday. :)
We cab-ed home since im late. :D
Above, are only pictures of us. So yea.

Boyfriend, im sorry for all the mistakes
i've made. Sigh. I know that i've made alot
of mistakes. Im really asking for your forgiveness.
Sometimes, i think, i dont deserve you. Im not a
good girlfriend for you. Everything is not enough.
Such a useless girlfriend.

-Khiriah, Your Gf.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today, i ended school at 9pm.
Being so sweet. Boyfriend fetched me
from Dover. :) Then off-ed to chills
for a while. Then, home sweet home.
Thank you, dearest. I love you.
Thank you for making me feel so
special in your life.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lovely and lively.

It's so special.
You wanna know why?
Cause something different happened just now.
I fetched her from Singapore Poly. :)
For the first time. I knew she'll be glad. hee!
Reached there around 5pm.
And psst, we wore the same colour shirt. ^^
Her classmates asked me to went into their school and we played taiti. O.o
Girlfy asked me to play along, so ya. For her. ;)
Then after a few games, we make a move around 6pm.
Off to jp and accompanied her to buy her bag.
I like that bag anyway dear. It's a compliment. huhu!
But i love you more! Woohoo!
Then we ate macdonald together.
Off home at 8plus. :)

I kinda love today, because it seems so lively and lovely between us.
Although i know at the start, things were a wrecked.
I'm really sorry about it, really my fault dear. :(
But seriously speaking, today was a lil' different.
I didn't say i dislike all the other days meeting you,
But today seems more lively and lovely. I love it. :D
Anyway, I LOVE YOU. hehe!
Done Done Donee.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Short and sweet.

A short post on our meeting session today.
I fetch her as usual at jp.
We ate at banquet together.
We hang out for awhile.
She slept for awhile on my laps.
Woke her up, time for home. :)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

This is our First monthsary pictures !
We didnt have any plan, i swear !
So, we just have our lunch at Pizza Hut,
and chill out at Lake Park, where we
really laugh alot. He never fails to entertain
my nonsensical attitude and never fails
to make me smile. :)

Above all, I want to say this.
Dear Boyfriend, Happy First Monthsary sayang.
At last, after 5months of being in love, we finally
celebrated our first monthsary. :) We went to
through some shits and i guess, quite a number of it.
And what made me strong in facing all that, its
because of you. You kept me strong in facing any
obstacle. I hope, we'll be more stronger and most
of all, last longer. I love you honey. :)

Pssssst ~ I love you.. :)