Thursday, June 16, 2011

The 9th.

Our 9th Monthsary!
Just past. :)

I dont wanna talk some typical thing, like last long.
Or we go on this together ok.
Or whatsoever typical crap. hee
I'm here to talk about how strong we've been.
Serious strong i could say.
Over countless problems we encountered thru this 9mth together.
And we're still standing.
No one knows how much we've been thru.
If they knew, i dont think they wld say "big deal, every r/s have so much problems."
Whatever it is others gonna say, say it.
Nothing can change how i love you. :)
Let's get it moving baby. Come on come on. hehe

That day, we went to Cathay Cineleisure to catched Mr. Popper's Penguin.
Fun thou, or maybe funny! haha.
Supposed to be her treat, but she lied. -.- hahaha!
Joking. hee
After that, we went to buy famous amos cookies.
Dearest wants it badly. :)
Off to OC, she wants to take a look at it. The rooftop garden i meant. :)
We chill at there till it was around 8plus.
Then off back to Cathay Cineleisure for our dinner at Someindonesiafoodoutlet.
Actually, it was a bad idea. heh.
Then off home. Pale day.
But her presence make everything Un-pale. ;)
Love ya. Happy 9th again!

-Rahman, i updated already ass. <3

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lets prevent insecurities. :)

I think my handsome baby is asleep. Well, its
okay. Just to write down here,


Please, lets stop the insecurities between
us. I love you, you love me, we're
together, thats all matters. At times, im insecure
too, but i will try to handle it. Just so you know,
i love you, honey. Muahh ! :)

-Khiriah, im awesome !

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Soon to 9th.

We've been meeting and meeting and meeting though.
Although our blog seems like a library. (:
We've gone thru alot of hardship though.
But thanks to god, we made it. (:
Our 9TH MONTHSARY coming babay! ^^
(Tak pakai pe sia?! haha)
Love you baby. haha!
Nah!!! Gambar kesayangan you ni. huhu!

All the pictures tell that we do go out. hee
But not much actually.
Soon there'll be more. huhu
Oi baby! Love you! <3

-Rahman, Boyfee

Saturday, June 4, 2011



First, we went to Bugis. I fetched him at
3plus pm after his madrasah. hehehe.
Take a tour around bugis junction cause
i think he need new clothes. But nothing
attracts his eyes. So, we went to have
Ice-cream at ~ i forgotten the place's name. :\
Well, nvm. We enjoyed the ice-cream like
seriously. hahaha. The ice-cream quite ex,
i think. But nvm. Once in a while right. :)
After Bugis, we have no more plans,
we walked to City Hall, ate at Qiji at
Marina Square and chill out at
Esplanade rooftop. Hahahahaha. As soon
as we reached Esplanade rooftop, we chills,
laugh and joke around like nobody's business.
Psst, when ppl are in love, they dont care about
their surroundings. :P
So, the pictures tells all the fun we had.
Sadly, i have to go home early. Dad having PMS.
:P but overall, i really love spending time w him.
Time passes so fast when he's around. ^.^

-Khiriah, your girlfriend.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our 8th.

We have a few meet-ups though.
But just that our blog doesnt show so.

Because we're busy, so busy.
With nothing. haha. -.-
Just don't have the time to blog i guess. :)
Idk if time to come, we still have this or not.
Well anyway,
Today is our 8TH MONTHSARY!


So so much we've been thru till this day, we're still staying by each other. :)
I would love this to stay this way till the end of my lifetime, if god's wills. :)
I love you so so so hard. :D
Don't ever give up on me, cause i won't too. :) <3

-The pictures above are some evidence that we spent most of the time together. ;)

-Rahman, boyfee. :)