Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At SP.

Today khiriah is schooling.
Awww. too bad.
I'm on a holiday for a day. :D
But i insist on accompanying her to school and till she ends.
So here i am at SINGAPORE POLY. O.o
Weird thou, but i'm real. :)

Seeya later dear :D

-Rahman, Boyfriend.

Monday, April 18, 2011

When we are starving.

Firstly on behalf of myself, Rahman.
I'm saying i had a tiredness day.
But i still willing to meet girlfy. How sweet can i be? aww.
Opps. Stop the self-complimenting already. :D

We met at 8pm to have her dinner and also mine.
Well, we walked to 815 coffee shop till about 9pm i think.
While we were walking, we met ahzyp and shiqah sitting nearby my block area.
Then off home around 9.45pm.
Being force to take bus home, but i decided to walk.
Because... the time spend with you is precious. :)
Reached her block around 10.05pm.
Then i'm off home. :>

A tiredess day, but seeing you would change all that. <3

-Rahman, boify.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our 7th.

Unbelievable, Its our 7th. :)

We've really been thru lots and lots of shit/craps/sadness/fun/happiness throughout this 7 months we've been in love.
I didn't even knew that today is our 7th, its like wow. hee
You know you've been the one i need right here.
Everytime,anytime,anywhere. :D
I love you so much.
May god bless us being together. ;)
Hope we last long!

We had a plan for the 7th mth today, but the rain wreck it all up.
And some other things too.
But worst come to worst, we did went out.
We did see each other.
We did spend the time.
We did celebrate our 7th. :)
We went to jp to catch 'limitless' movie.
Ate at kfc as she wanted it. heh.
Off home. :D

"You know when you ran away from me, i smiled looking how childish and cute you're running here and there. And when i found you, the kiss we had were unforgettable. Trust me, it is."


-Rahman, boify.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A day with you.

A day before our 7th.
So much things to do today i guess.
We need to go to polyclinic for my medicine,
She needs to take back her sis's watch
And we need to catch a movie w her sis and brother-in-law.
Kinda so much thing to do, but i guess we did it well. hee
The watch was at wheelock, so we had our window-shopping right after that. :)
The funny thing about us that day was, we sat or a ledge somewhere on orchard road.
And we talk about people, literally. haha!
Cute aren't we? oh no eh? hahaha.
Well, then off to jp to catch the movie "scream 4" at 8.30pm. :D
So much of a scream movie, and all of the audiences do scream. hee!
Some epic behind the scenes of the audience. Just for me to know, and dearest too. :)
Then off walking w them home, as usual i walk off alone. :)
Byebye everybody.

-Rahman, your lover.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shop for T-shirts.

He said

So today.. We went to 815 to have our lunch + dinner?
I had Mee Goreng + Prata Cheese + F&N Cherry + Teh.
Boyfriend had Nasi Goreng + Coffee.
We ordered hot drinks caused its raining heavily.
No plans after that, we went to Jurong Point. Walk around
& round.. See some watches..
Okay, im targetting that "Guess" watch. hehehe.
Boyfriend so good mood. He bought me 1 Esprit T-shirt
and 2 Cotton On T-shirt for me to go to school with
something new. hehehehe.
I bought myself a long sleeve from This Fashion.
Yea, shopping day for me i guess. hehehehe.
Bumped into my sis and bro-in-law when his hands
are around my waist. O.O 
Okay whatever. Went home at 10pm. On the phone till 5am.
Bye ! ^.^

I Cinta You. hehehehe.

-Khiriah, your gf updating yaw ! hahahaha.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Girlfriend and i woke up real late thou.
Because she slept at 5am while i'm sick. :\
But still we did go out to jp.
While daya asked her out to watch a movie,
Till they invited me too.
So, i'll go with the flow. :)
Its "RIO-3D". O.o
Funny funny birdy! haha
We chilled out at mac'd till 9.30pm.
Then off home.

You know what i hate most dear?
It is always the end of our day.
And you know what i love most?
It is when a day starts having you.

-Rahman, Love.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weaketastic day.

But it all comes back to her, that's the bottomline. <3

Favourite picture below. :D

Stupid faces is a hobby.

She gets crazier each day. :>

So weak, I'm sick.
Long day, With sun's ray.

Met girlfy after my school's activity.
We planned to buy our need stuff today,
So we met at jp first anyway.
First was to check out my pants and her shoe,
Mine wasn't nice but hers was a wish come true. :D
Hope you love it thou,
Cause i can see it so. :)
Then off to vivocity,
Because she craves for her kway teow, mee. hee
Ate up, Then stood up.
Walked around from top to bottom,
It clears out boredom.
My hand was still empty,
Till girlfy convinced me on buying a fred perry. :))
Well thanks sweetzzzz, I love you mizzz. :D
Dabedidabedum, off home via bus 30.
Walked home. A tired-sensational-outing.
Hope you like it, since we've not been doing this shit. hehe
Done and bye.

-Rahman, Hubby. :P

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sweemingggg. Let's keep sweeming x3.

Sweeming. :D
With dearest KHIRIAH. :)
She planned it. Well she got a point, it is a hot day afterall. heh.
So ya, met her around 4.30pm.
Then be gone to j.e sweeming complex. hehe
An hour and a half of sweeming.
Then off we go. heee
It is just a short sweeming session afterall, because she make the time flies so fast. :)
She made my day everyday. You did it well baby. :D
We ate at Teh Tarik.
Went to jp, where girlfee went crazy about something. heeeeeee
Anyway, love you!
We'll settle about it soon. very soon!
Bye. :)

-Rahman, Boyfee.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A hut with pizzas.

Pizza hutlicious today. :)
My treat. huhu.
She loves it when i'm on the house. hee
We thought we could eat up 3 meals that we ordered.
But we were so full till we brought home one uneaten pan pizza. hee
Then off buying her mum's food.
Then to we went to her block. :)
She decided to bring down her niece and say hi to me.
How cute can they both be? haha.
Nur Esyura Dyna first meet up with me. O.o
coollll. heee
Anyway, went home at 5 plus.
Raindrops keep falling on my head.

-Love, Rahman.