Monday, May 16, 2011

Our 8th.

We have a few meet-ups though.
But just that our blog doesnt show so.

Because we're busy, so busy.
With nothing. haha. -.-
Just don't have the time to blog i guess. :)
Idk if time to come, we still have this or not.
Well anyway,
Today is our 8TH MONTHSARY!


So so much we've been thru till this day, we're still staying by each other. :)
I would love this to stay this way till the end of my lifetime, if god's wills. :)
I love you so so so hard. :D
Don't ever give up on me, cause i won't too. :) <3

-The pictures above are some evidence that we spent most of the time together. ;)

-Rahman, boyfee. :)